(New York, New York, June 30, 2020) A scholarship fund utilizing the assets of the recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund was established in June 2020 to encourage the children of professional musicians to pursue higher education and to become leaders in their chosen fields. The MPTF intends to grant $100,000 in scholarship funds to qualified applicants throughout North America. 

“We’re very pleased to launch this new initiative to benefit our music family,” said Dan Beck, Trustee of the MPTF. “We recognize the challenges facing professional musicians and their families during this time of great change in the live music industry. The MPTF’s Music Family Scholarship supports an individual’s pursuit of higher education in any field, whether they have chosen to attend a trade school, community college, a 2-  or 4-year college or university, or graduate school. We invite all interested parties to apply and to let us know how growing up in a musical family has shaped their perspective of life.”

The application deadline is 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT on Saturday, August 1, 2020 at scholar@musicpf.org. Semi-finalists will be selected by September 1, and finalists announced on or about October 1. Up to 25 individuals will receive $2,000, an engraved plaque and award certificate. Up to 100 individuals will receive $500 and an award certificate.  Awards will be made directly to the student. An applicant must be the child of a member in good standing of the American Federation of Musicians, or a member themselves. To download an application and fact sheet, visit www.musicpf.org.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact scholar@musicpf.org.  

About the MPTF: The recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public service organization whose mission is to support admission-free, live events performed by professional musicians throughout the United States and Canada. Established more than 70 years ago, the MPTF is funded by music companies including Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. Interested parties may contact Samantha Ramos at (212) 391-3950 or sramos@musicpf.org, or visit www.musicpf.org