The purpose of the trust fund is to promote “live music” and to provide music where music is the prime purpose for public attendance. See the list of performance types NOT approved below.  

The MPTF has been providing grants to help create free music performances for the public’s entertainment and education for over 70 years. Almost all of our events are co-sponsored, as we require the involvement of local participants that include arts councils, symphonic organizations, municipalities, veterans groups, school systems, and healthcare organizations, among others.

Our funding is meant to ensure that the professional musicians who are performing are reasonably paid on par with local scale while assuring that there is no cost to enjoy the music. The idea is to enhance our communities and enrich lives through music. Our co-sponsored events run the gamut of musical styles, from classical and opera to Dixieland, pop, rock, country, jazz, and R&B. Our events often introduce musical styles that are not easily accessible and many times our events come with an educational element to them.

MPTF events are held in parks, schools, and public halls, as well as in hospitals and at retirement centers. We have a mandate to distribute our funds proportionately across the U.S. and Canada.

Recipients of our grants are required to handle the necessary payroll requirements of hiring professional musicians, including appropriate payments to pension funds and taxes. We will provide the financial and contact information necessary to make this happen.

MPTF-funded events must be free of charge and without any conditions for admittance. They cannot be fund-raising events or raffles regardless of the merit. We do not fund performances for conventions, political campaigns, class reunions, commencement exercises, workshops or seminars, or for private clubs. A list of these restrictions and related ones follow this general guide to our grants.

The easiest way to apply for a grant is to seek the assistance of the American Federation of Musicians Local in your geographic area. They are often experienced in our application process and can also be helpful in planning and organizing the musical aspect of your event. There is a Local office locator on the homepage of the AFM’s website for your

We require grant applications be submitted at least 30 days prior to the performance. Grant recipients should include the MPTF in event programs, press releases, websites, posted signs, and other public notifications, along with other event sponsors.

We look forward to receiving good quality photos and other materials that can help us inform the public of your good work and the legacy of the events the MPTF eagerly supports. We always welcome ideas and creative opportunities to expand the public and media awareness of these great performances and the work of our partners. We also have printed posters and material to help enhance the public’s awareness of our participation.

Once the event happens, we require written certification that the performance was completed, upon which we initiate the payment of our grants.

Successful events are considered in evaluating future grants, based on timeliness of the application, overall cooperation, follow up and media support, and the quality of the events themselves.

Should you have any specific questions related to our grant application process, please contact us at:

Or email us at


    Recommendations for Projects for MPTF performances of the following types will NOT be approved:
    • When admission is charged or there is a condition for admittance.
    • When donations, before, during and after performances are solicited.
    • For composers’ forums or performances to promote composers’ new works.
    • For a fund-raising activity regardless of the merit.
    • For workshops, individual instructions or clinical type performances.
    • For testimonials, proms, mixers, class reunions, commencement or graduation exercises, appreciation or award functions.
    • For conventions, seminars, lectures of any organization.
    • For a selective group – closed membership.
    • For raffles.
    • Where there is a requirement to purchase food or alcoholic beverages.
    • Where there is sale of alcoholic beverages at a profit for charitable or other purposes.
    • Where an AFM Local Union or Member of such Union acts as co-sponsor.
    • For sectarian or ecumenical religious services.
    • For church-connected feasts or holy days.
    • Where the performance is recorded for commercial use.
    • For live TV or radio broadcasts without the Trustee’s prior approval 10 days in advance of performance.
    • A political rally, parade, meeting, convention, social function or celebration for any political group, any business group or any labor union.
    • Where the expenditure for a performance is deemed excessive by the Trustee.
    • Where the size of the musical group or the type of music is deemed inappropriate for the audience to be serviced